Production and Recording By Mesidea

A few years back my mentor and producer fed me beats for a greater part of a year. 

This is one of those amazing tracks that really makes you understand that great company makes you great.

Here is What does it sound like by Sucio and Mesidea.
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Another Great groove for you to bob and weave to like barber school

I (Sucio) present you the first track off of my up coming EP entitled Sauced n Scissored.

Sucio - The Artist
Sauced n Scissored


(Lighter flick)x3

(Drops Lighter)

more importantly..

*** Talking in the background***
yea nigga
just chill out man
im almost done though
then we can get the fuck out of here

just got ahead and
o open
open me another beer brother
let me put this down real quick

Verse 1

Sucio (Audio Distorted)
lets not mention the things
we give up to be an artist

more importantly
we don’t stand on the soap boxes
to be modest

cause no body cares
that your bed is
sitting on the floor

no box spring
and your sleeping
on an empty mattress

you have play your Ronald Reagan
if you want to be a rapper

you’re not a boss
you’re not a president
my nigga
you’re an actor

its survival of the fittest
just to draw an interest

Cause every dude with a computer
is a mother fucking producer

Give them enough time
They’ll soon start writing rhymes

According to his post on the internet
Greatest of all time

Ill give him credit though
I didn’t think that he was serious

But I listened to the kids mix tape
It’s nothing but whack lines