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  4. Production and Recording By Mesidea

    A few years back my mentor and producer fed me beats for a greater part of a year. 

    This is one of those amazing tracks that really makes you understand that great company makes you great.

    Here is What does it sound like by Sucio and Mesidea.
    Let me know what you think share with your friends friends and tell them to hit me up and tell me what they think.
    Email: Email Me
    google+: iamsucio
    Phone: 260-782-4646

  5. Another Great groove for you to bob and weave to like barber school

  6. I (Sucio) present you the first track off of my up coming EP entitled Sauced n Scissored.

    Sucio - The Artist
    Sauced n Scissored


    (Lighter flick)x3

    (Drops Lighter)

    more importantly..

    *** Talking in the background***
    yea nigga
    just chill out man
    im almost done though
    then we can get the fuck out of here

    just got ahead and
    o open
    open me another beer brother
    let me put this down real quick

    Verse 1

    Sucio (Audio Distorted)
    lets not mention the things
    we give up to be an artist

    more importantly
    we don’t stand on the soap boxes
    to be modest

    cause no body cares
    that your bed is
    sitting on the floor

    no box spring
    and your sleeping
    on an empty mattress

    you have play your Ronald Reagan
    if you want to be a rapper

    you’re not a boss
    you’re not a president
    my nigga
    you’re an actor

    its survival of the fittest
    just to draw an interest

    Cause every dude with a computer
    is a mother fucking producer

    Give them enough time
    They’ll soon start writing rhymes

    According to his post on the internet
    Greatest of all time

    Ill give him credit though
    I didn’t think that he was serious

    But I listened to the kids mix tape
    It’s nothing but whack lines

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  10. Sucio - Intro($plint3r)

    And You dissolve
    like the grease in my oven
    when I spray you dudes with off

    make you sick to your stomach
    when you see that I don’t fall
    my limit is the sky
    heads up in the clouds
    while I’m reaching for the stars

    and you niggas wonder why
    they call my Mario’s brother
    my beats tell stories nigga
    call me the wonder brother

    I’ll give you hand me downs
    like I’m your big brother
    Cause I’m what you want to be,
    like non other

    All in your street
    like silk road coil-overs
    you can stop right now
    your rap careers are over

    you got ten minutes
    get cingular and roll them over
    I’ve been at this
    since voice stream and Motorolas

    That’s almost ten years
    and I got more
    than a roll of quarters

    call me bam bam
    the way
    that I stack these boulders

    You niggas are drinks
    watered down like some club sodas
    I’m the host, the server, the chef
    and ill take your order

    You’re wood and straw
    I’m brick and mortar
    I’m a wolf dressed
    in important sheep’s clothing

    BMW Japanese shoes on it
    I dig inside
    to bring this new for you
    for you to boob your head to

    Synced to the drums
    and the baseline as back up
    hiphop ain’t dead my ninga
    all you niggas gassed up

    with 82 octane
    instead of premium fuel
    don’t compare me to
    all those other dudes

    cause I’m so against the grain
    they call me splinter
    so hot blue flame spitting
    like kerosene heaters

    I drive big boy toys
    not pushing two seaters
    more reliable
    than a thousand dollar beater

    press delete and watch me obsolete her
    Wow he’s real deep
    The Marianas trench only deeper

    I’ll leave you with nothing to say like beater
    Dolo on my albums
    Rap solo cause I don’t need features

    Listen to this tracks
    ingest all thee verbal lucid raps
    It’s not watered down
    this is real rap

    this is hiphop
    bob your head so hard
    It makes your cervical vertebrae pop
    learn a little bit
    soak it up like a sponge mop

    I know I’m easy to hate
    like Alexander Sucio’s the great
    copy and paste my state of mind
    See if you can keep paste
    and try to rhyme these rhymes like me
    you must be at your mind homie

    It’s Mr. S.U.C.I Oh he burning blizzies
    give him a minutes he’s about to get ready set

    Listen to my flow,
    learn all the words and recite them at my shows
    Listen to my flow,
    learn all the words and recite them at my shows
    Listen to my flow,
    learn all the words and recite them at my shows
    back to me